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  What Works - The Work Program

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Indigenous Education Focus Team: notes from first meeting

Building awareness

  • Awareness is relevant whether Aboriginal student population is a minority or a majority.
  • Commitment from the whole school is needed and can be achieved through building awareness.

Strategies to be developed using What Works

  • Cultural day with primary schools.
  • 'Opening the mural' ceremony.
  • Partnerships in literacy programs between Year 7/8 students.
  • One-on-one tutoring.
  • AEW to work more in the classroom.


  • 'Dare to Lead' targets. Staff commitment to Indigenous focus to be reflected in a signed document. Staff to set other targets: focus on literacy in Year 7/8, Year 10 to Year 11 retention to increase by 10% to 20%.

Focus agenda

  • Must focus on the practical to build awareness. Listen and learn from first hand experience, such as with community Elders. Focus on existing programs, with more people assisting and new strategies.

Resources and funds available

  • PSFP, Attendance and Retention, Literacy.

Group goals

  • Increased community involvement. Community BBQ at 'neutral' location. Commitment to educational and cultural harmony. Improved Year 7/8 literacy skills. Improved Year 10 to Year 11 retention rates. Building partnerships with communities. Continuing to raise profile, awareness and consciousness among all staff and students.

Indigenous Focus Team outcomes

  • Commitment to program. Assisting Dearnh in her work. Building partnerships with the community and closer relationships with students. The key is to work on relationships.
  • Ensure program is systematic.

Issues for next meeting

  • Thorough reading of What Works.
  • How do we measure literacy?
  • What other literacy tests are available, such as TORCH?

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